January 5, 2018

Two years without art

Hey guys,

It’s been almost two years since I’ve done anything to my website. Honestly, it’s been two years since I have done anything artistic at all. The past few months I have felt more encouraged to start working on projects again, I am lucky to have such a strong support behind me. But I have yet to feel that passion or fire inside myself to begin anything. I set some new goals for myself this year, one of which is to get back into creating photographs, collages, and art.

I have been feeling pretty unmotivated in general lately. My hometown does not offer the amazing scenic views the west coast once did for me. I also no longer have assignments due, so I feel no pressure to create. It is unfortunate really. As a kid I wanted to capture or create things just because – now it seems like a hassle. But that is my goal this year: to find a love for photography again.

I am in graduate school now for mental health. Although it is not directly art related, the topics that I am learning about easily connect back to my thesis and other projects of my undergrad. Now that I am learning more in depth about how the brain works and why people do the things they do, I have definitely felt more inspired to create. Specifically, these classes require a lot of self reflection – in fact it is needed if you are going to be a counselor. You have to be aware of triggers, of biases, and of your own emotional past. I look forward to exploring this further through art.

So, hopefully you will be seeing new posts from me soon.

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