April 12, 2016

I lost you, Art!

The reason for this new blog is to push myself artistically. I am extremely thankful for my education and the amazing professors I had, but since graduating from college I feel like I have lost my ambition to just create my own art.

My Fine Art classes in school taught me to take art and turn it into a healing process. Whether that be creating my own, viewing others, or just talking about it. It was therapeutic for me and truly helped me figure out many emotions. Unfortunately time moved on and I had to move with it. Other classes came about, and instead of appreciating what I did simply because it meant something to me, I learned to judge it and compare it. I constantly felt that I had to prove myself and my art. While feedback and improvements are needed, this was something different and it ruined the process of “creating.”

When graduation finally came, I needed a break from the competitive atmosphere. Jobs and professions are an atmosphere where feedback is positive and meant to encourage improvement. I have enjoyed that since “being an adult” but I also miss creating my own personal work. It’s been almost a year since graduation and I want to go back to loving art and having it help me mentally and emotionally. So, this blog is here to help me think and write creatively again. It also will push me to post new or current projects. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated!

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